Michael Kors Astor with rinestones - OK????

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  1. Bronze Astor with rinestones out of date or a classic? I need expert advice here!
  2. Are you talking about studs, or actual rhinestones??
  3. do you have a picture? do you mean the shopper, hobo, satchel,...?

    or did you mean something like this on ebay?
  4. The Rinestone Satchel - it so sparkles in the sun!
  5. I have the large astor satchel with silver studs and luggage colored leather. It is such a high quality bag for the money, rugged, roomy and gorgeous. I need to sell it, though. Damn Balenciaga obsession! Anywhoo....as with all things rhinestone, it depends on the outfit and occasion as to whether or not it is "okay".
  6. I think the rhinestone astor will be out of date soon. While I love Michael Kors, he's not that great at tying aspects of his bags together through seasons (unlike Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Gucci etc.). You recognize certain bags as MKors, but only after you know it's an MKors. I think they would last longer if there were some common design details running through them over several seasons. That said, I have a pale gold astor (no rhinestones) which I love and use a lot.
  7. Can you tell me the size of the large Astor? I am thinking on this bag. I was 26 minutes from bidding on a Betsey Johnson Good Girl satchel when I realized it was way too boxy...so I passed. But I don't really want rhinestones either but when I saw that it also came with studs, now I am intriqued.
  8. Sorry, never mind. I just saw it listed on the second post. It's just right. Oh My...