Michael Kors Ashton Pink Suede Peep Toe Pumps

  1. Does anyone have these, and can they tell me how they fit? Are they really narrow, or do they have some stretch to them?

    I'm normally an 8 or 8.5 in shoes, but since these are suede, I wonder if they will stretch and an 8.5 will be too big?

    Thanks! I'm really in LOVE with these shoes, and they are a great price, so I'm hoping I hear good things about them. ;)

  2. i can't help you, but they are adorable!!!:yes:;)
  3. OMG those are beautiful!!

    I have a pair of KORS boots and they fit true to size an 8.5.
  4. No wonder you're in love with those shoes. Very feminine and pretty!
  5. Adorable!
  6. MK fits true to size. I don't know about the suede stretching.
  7. since they look like they're lined in leather, i wouldn't worry about them stretching any more than any other pumps just because they're suede. very cute, too!
  8. YAY! I just ordered them!

    Thanks for your help ladies!

  9. Those are so cute! What site did you get them from? I want some!
  10. I got mine @ SmartBargains!