Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton

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  1. I think "inspired by" is not the same as "copying". No one is trying to look like they have an LV by carrying a MK bag - at most they're saying "I like LV, and I maybe even have a few, but I needed a cheaper option today for whatever reason".

    I can respect that (and not just because I have a few MK bags that I love. They're comfortable to use, reliable, sturdy, and nice-looking - there's not much more you can ask for imho)
  2. MK is ok IMO, their bags are nice in their own right and not a blatant copy like Rioni for example.
    I think a lot of people buy their bags because they like them, not because they can't afford LV... Please don't kill me but the world doesn't revolve around LV (for other people)
  3. No, Michael Kors do not rip off LV. Michael Kors' 'Totally lookalike' was released BEFORE LV released the Totally. Also, LV do not own the rights to basic bag shapes like the Speedy/doctor bag or a tote bag... As for the MK monogram, it's nothing like LV's monogram.
  4. The Speedy isn't exactly the most interesting or ground-breaking of designs - I guess Gucci and Burberry also copied LV by releasing Boston bags as well?

    Nothing like beatin' a dead horse.
  5. I wonder if the people who hate the MK "inspired bags" also hate clothes from H&M, Zara and F21. Those clothes are clearly (and they even admit to being) "inspired" by the runways from larger, premiere fashion houses. They're basically cheap, trendy "throwaways" so that people can have a taste of the current trend. I used to have a strong dislike for LV and didn't know much about the different styles mostly because I didn't care about them. I saw all the MK bags first because they're widely available - Nordstroms, Macy's, discount stores (Ross/TJ Maxx,Marshalls) etc....and since I wasn't aware of LV designs I didn't know they were "inspired." Not all, but arguably many of the women who carry MK aren't even aware of the fact that their bag may have been inspired by LV simply because these bags may not be readily available or widely popular in their area.
  6. How about the never full - total rip off of the st. Louis. And mine is sitting right next to me. I wish people
  7. Knew a bit more before making ugly statements. Nothing is ugly here, but it got ugly on the previous post.
  8. Good post.
  9. agreed. every designer has a speedy shape, gucci, fendi, etc.
  10. i also wonder too.. i can't afford designer clothing, but i do shop at all of the stores listed above.
  11. Exactly. Why do people target Michael Kors and not Gucci, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Prada, Versace etc? Is it because Michael Kors is a less expensive brand? Silly, really. Because a brand is less expensive than LV and dares to have a doctors bag style in their product line does not automatically mean that their clientele are buying the bags as an alternative to an LV.
  12. its probably because their logo is brown... heck, fendi has brown logos. im not sure why people get so uppity about Michael Kors, they arent cheap bags.. they're good quality, and if I couldn't afford LV, i would much rather buy a good quality MK than a fake crappy LV.
  13. i totally agree.
  14. Not sure why michael Kors is targeted. It costs way more than most LV canvas. Michael by Michael Kors is less. Moreover, for anyone who knows fashion, Mr. Kors is adored. In a recent interview with some of the models in About Face, especially the older ladies, love that he is one of the few designers who still talks to models and looks at designs after they are on the body like Yves Saint Laurent did. And we all know YSL is one of Mr. Jacobs greatest inspirations. Again, most designers consider fashion to be art. Art is expression and should come from a place of love and passion. You don't have to like everything, but I wish there was more respect for the art involved.
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