Michael Kors Accordion Mercer large tote

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  1. Hey friends! Do any of you have this bag? If so, how do you like it? I’m dying for bright red as it gives me YSL vibes in my price range.

    Would love to see pics if you have it!
  2. I had the non-accordian one for over a year and I really liked it. 20181004_091510.jpg
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  3. I own three of the large size Mercer totes, un-accordion style. They are heavy. Pretty but heavy. The accordion style weighs even a bit more. (Just an fyi so the weight won’t be a shock.)
  4. I have non accordion Mercer and I love it. My cousin has accordion mercer in this amazing dark green. The colour combination in that is amazing but I like my non accordion better

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  5. This is the colour my cousin has.

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  6. Here’s my large Mercer accordion. I bought it as a work tote because it was on sale at Macy’s for only $164! A8E3D997-4933-4A94-8772-D14B241189E2.jpeg
  7. Great catch for great price!
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  8. My large original style Mercer I have a black one too. I love this style. I am getting a Mercer medium crossbody this weekend

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  9. This is extremely beautiful. First time I'm seeing this colour!!
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  10. I have the small crossbody which they call medium and I love it