Michael Knight and Brandy???

  1. Does anyone know is Brandy dating Michael Knight?

  2. That is the rumor, it sure seemed like it on the finale.
  3. but i thought michael knight was gay. i heard that she was just a big fan of his works.:shrugs:
  4. lookingood i cant see the Pic :sad:
  5. Michael is gay????

    I loved him. I thought Uli should have one for her collection at Fashion Week or Michael for his collective work.
  6. Hmmmmmmm........I don't think so. I have a feeling Michael plays for the other team - if you know what I mean. She's most likely just a fan of his work.
  7. [​IMG]

    This is it!

  8. I thought the same thing, but I saw this on a blog.

    He is from the ATL lot of down low brothers.
    Hope she takes her time.
  9. I hope it's true. I think they'd be cute together!
  10. Did he ever admit he was gay on the show?

    I thought Jeffrey was gay, and, SURPRISE, he had a girlfriend and a son! I had read about the Michael/Brandy thing so maybe it is true.
  11. I thought all the guys were gay, but Jeffrey surprised me. They would be cute together, but I do think she's just a big fan of his work. Those outfits would look great on her too!
  12. who is Michael Knight?
  13. one of the final designers in the finale of project runway.
  14. I thought he was gay and Brandy was just a fan...