Michael Jordan Files

  1. Wow, that's sad that after 17 years of marriage, they're breaking up. I hope he doesn't decide to go for a younger model!
  2. owwww i'm sorry for this couple:sad:
  3. Remember she filed a few years ago and changed her mind. I hear he is a womanizer.
  4. too sad
  5. And he is a gambler, just like his father.
  6. This marriage had trouble for quite a long time. They really tried...all the best to them.

  7. Yep - the stories I've heard. But I've gotta say I like him.
  8. I love him as a player/ex-player, but...yeah, troubled marriage even before.
  9. This breaks my heart. All the best to them in this time and their kids.
  10. The stories in Chicago tarnished his image a long time ago. I feel for them and the kids, tho. Even with all the money, Juanita endured a lot--I always thought she was a classy lady. MJ has a raging gambling addiction, along with the womanizing. It's sad.
  11. oh this is sad after 18 years..
  12. We saw him at the Bellagio in Vegas this summer with a woman who wasn't his wife. She had her hand on his knee, so I don't think it was "just a friend".
  13. so do I I'm really sad that their marriage didn't work out well, best of luck to them both.
  14. Juanita put up with a lot of crap thru this marriage. I hope they part ways amicably and best of luck to both of them