Michael Jackson - Scream

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P4A1K4lXDo

    I love this song so much I wanted to share it on here.

    When you think of Michael Jackson and his greatest songs, this is not one that immediately comes to mind. In fact, I think this is one of his more hidden gems. And come to think of it, I cannot even think of another one of his songs off the top of my head that was also a duet with Janet Jackson. And I think you'll be surprised to hear from anyone that out of all his classic hits that this is their favorite MJ song. It's definitely mine.

    It set a record at the time for being one of the most expensive music videos ever made; it had everything to do with the material of the objects and the set, to how expensive their outfits were. Towards the end of the video you see Michael in this futuristic racketball type game; that puck was actually floating up off the ground.

    Another special thing about this song is that it came out at the height of the child-abuse cases; it was a direct response to all the lawsuits and allegations at the very pinnacle of it. And he was not making records or going on tour at the time. He created that song and video immediately as a direct response to everything that was going on at his life at the time; you can feel the frustration in the song, and it's definitely expressed in the video.

    And out of all his later songs towards the end of his life, I thought this was the only song that came close to capturing the old thriller-era Michael, with the vintage dance moves and slamming that electric guitar on the ground. A great song about venting that I think a lot of MJ fans will be delighted to hear again and hopefully talk about again too. Enjoy :cool:
  2. I love this song too! Actually, this is probably my favorite song from Michael Jackson (after "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" and "Working Day and Night" =))

    Love how expressive his voice is in the chorus.
  3. I love Michael Jackson but "Scream" is definitely one of the most memorable and personal MJ songs. I wish that he and Janet did more collaborations together.

    I remember watching MJ and LMP's Primetime Live interview and waiting for the "Scream" short film to premiere there. Mark Romanek really did a great job and I love that it still looks as fresh as it did in 1995.

    It goes without saying but Janet's "Scream" tribute at the VMAs was so moving and amazing to watch.

    RIP MJ. :heart:
  4. This was the first collaboration between Micheal and Janet. I remember my brother and I eagerly waiting for the video's premiere. We were in middle school at the time - I was in eighth grade and he was in sixth. It was due to start at 10:00 I believe and just before our dad comes downstairs and asks if we should be getting ready for bed. We had to tell him that our mom gave me special permission to stay up and watch.

    I was so thankful to be allowed to stay up to see it and I remember loving both the song and the video. (My favorite part was the dance break, especially when Michael and Janet did that jump to the knees back on the feet thing. That was awesome.)
  5. This has always been one of my fav songs by him and the video still is hot.
  6. Does anyone want to re-enact the Michael/Janet dance off with me and post it on Youtube?
  7. Why not just add this to the Michael Jackson thread already out there...
  8. I would say we all love Michael Jackson' songs!
  9. Also one of my fave M.J. songs! :smile:
  10. One of the best songs IMO!
  11. Michael Joseph Jackson :heart::heart:
  12. This is one of those stop what you're doing & WATCH videos. It really is a true piece of art. Puts most videos of then and now to shame! An example of why Michael & Janet are both in the Top 5 Greatest Entertainers of our time.

    Sometimes I feel bad my 12 yr old & this generation are missing "real" music!
  13. I watched this video over and over again when I was a teenager. I loved the dancing in it.
  14. Great song
  15. :cool: