Michael Fassbender

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  1. Continued from here.
  3. #3 Jan 12, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2014
    GG Weekend

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  4. Awww...sister Fassy looks pretty! Looks like Leto awards sweep has started..oh well Fassy will get his one day!
  5. That is three hours I have lost.
  6. Lol..at least 12YAS won best picture!
  7. So disappointed for Michael ...
  8. I knew Michael was going to lose. I never thought they would sweep but I was surprised they lost so many.
  9. Couldn't agree more. This was a piss take if I ever saw one. Glad it won best film tho.
  10. I was disappointed none of the actors won but glad it at least won the top prize. I don't get the love for American Hustle. Everyone I've talked to said it wasn't that good. Oh, not wanting to read too much into this but Nicole Beharie tweeted congratulations to 12YAS for winning and named Steve, Chiwetel, & Lupita. Noticeably omitting Michael. Diss or just being cheeky? Either way, kind of funny.

    ETA: Just read when asked by a fan on the red carpet if he was gonna win, Mike replied, "I don't give a ****. I just want to go home." LOL so there's that consolation anyway. And he looked to be in high spirits at the after party. :smile:
  11. Nicole Beharie is very much supportive and vocal towards anything African/African-American/Black represented in the film industry and other arts (if you check her twitter, it's that majority she follows and RT most of the time besides her SH show) nothing to do with dissing or else ;)

    Well it's a pity that American Hustle is so overhyped the film was okay at best, the only good things were Bale and Adams performances, the rest of the cast omg :nogood: David O. Russell has connections what can you say...

    I was peeved when Chiwetel lost but oh well, hopefully there are the BAFTAS and SAG... looking forward to the Oscars nods this Thursday.

    I guess the GG tried to spread the awards to everyone as much as possible but truly I was even peeved when Bruce Dern lost LOL! Glad 12 Years A Slave won scooped the ultimate prize after all, McQueen speech was lovely.
  12. I don't think it was just an oversight.
  13. Yeah, neither do I. ;)
  14. He didn't say it on the red carpet. It was a facebook post fra ireland christmas eve 2011. Here is the post:
  15. Ahh....thanks! I had only read a tweet about it so my bad.