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  1. LoL!! No I am not. And I hope he doesnt read this thread.
  2. Thoughts...well, C.Theron can work a cover, love the pose, dress and cleavage. And I don't mind the mirroring of the 'W' text and her plunging neckline, obvious design is fine. On the other hand, Fassbender looks slightly eurotrashy with the fluffy hair and stubble, yikes.
  3. Ian McKellan was at Comic-Con to promote The Hobbit and was asked what he thought of MF's Magneto. Tumblr loves that he said "excellent." But I'm cynical and thought well, what else was he going to say?
  4. ^^It's cool that he said it, if McKellan didn't approve he could've not said anything.

    I recently (regrettably) re-watched x-men first class and I didn't feel it held up well to a repeat viewing but Fassbender was good given the production's limitations... with the rushed production it seemed like it was a demanding shoot for the actors.

    I'm probably in the minority here but some of Fassbender's facial/eye ticks and particular vocal inflections annoy the sh*t out of me and his acting in X-men first class (also present to a lesser degree in Jane Eyre and ADM) has quite a few of those moments. It's not something I'm going to be able to watch more than twice.

  5. As to finding some of his mannerisms annoying, no worries. It happens with EVERY actor.

    I've read remarks by some people who are sincerely driven up the wall by Meryl Streep's mannerisms and/or voice. If someone as esteemed as Meryl can get on some people's nerves, it proves that it's pretty much true for every actor.
  6. LOL I'm one of the people who thinks her technique gets in the way of genuine/natural emotion.
  7. This is the first time I've seen Michael not photographed at his best. The pictures inside lack any chemistry. It is obvious a lot of time went into styling Charlize or the stylist didn't know how to style Michael. Really disappointed in this one.
  8. He needs to learn to say no to sexy photoshoots for a good long while. He looks best in a well-tailored suit anyway.
  9. I wasn't completely sold on the W cover either. Charlize looks beautiful but you can't really tell it's her and Michael looks cheesy. The entire cover is just bland. But W magazine knows what will sell hence they put these two on the cover because they do make a great pair, professionally speaking of course. :greengrin: But how did they sizzle on screen together. Have I missed something?
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  11. The photoshop on Charlize is terrible. She is virtually unrecognizable and they made her far curvier than she is.

    These are two naturally sexy people they don't have to try so hard. These photos are just awkward.
  12. I guess W mag execs thought they would have winning cover with Charlize and Michael because of who they are separately. This goes to show that the best ingredients don't make necessarily the best product, in this case the cover and photoshoot. Like gemini582 pointed, everyone was trying too hard to make it edgy and sexy. Two people either have the chemistry or not.
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    That's the funny thing. They DO have chemistry. It's just not the highly sexed kind. It's more of a snarky, teasing, tension-filled, almost combative kind that you'd see between two intelligent costars in the romantic comedies of the 30s/40s. If the editors had gone that route, I think this would have worked.

  14. Bwahahaa...following this actor's media journey is waaaaaaay funny! That shoot...diet-Helmut Newton, dungeons and two dragqueens :p
  15. This photoshoot reminds me a lot of the Skarsgard Interview Magazine shoot from last year. Dark, dungeon, bondage, S&M kinda type of shoot. It's not their best shoot but I like that they tried something different. I can't take anymore beachy photoshoots. And please, they photoshopped the helll out of her. Look at those boobs on the cover. Must have grown over night.
    And yes, most men look great in a tailored suit so I take this over everything else.
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