Michael Douglas is Such a Jerk...

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  1. MICHAEL Douglas slams $6 down on the counter of a shoeshine stand on Fifth Avenue at 53rd Street saying, "Excuse me," after he didn't receive immediate attention.

    NY Post
  2. Wow .... if that's true he sure was being a jerk. Is he too important to wait his turn like the rest of us? NOT.
  3. what about the "blind item" about him last week?
    The one about the massuse (sp?) he *ahem* pleased himself infront of at St Andrews Golf and Country club in Scotland???

    I wonder if Brangelina's PR people are getting even? :smile: :smile:
  4. Wow, I didn't hear about this. He sounds like he's off his rocker.
  5. Not necessary at all...
  6. It's Kevin Cosner
  7. what an a$$hole!
  8. what a jerk! i wonder how catherine zeta jones feels about his recent actions/comments.. definetely can't be proud! i would hope..lol
  9. jerk!
  10. What's his problem these days.
  11. He's creepy! CZJ-- run while you can!
  12. I'm still a bit PO'ed at him for his comment about Angelina and Brad. Who is he to talk? We don't knwo the whole story about him and his past wife's breakup now do we Michael?????
  13. Who is he married to? I forget her name but she made a comment last year about the amount of $ she has to spend...they are both jerks!
  14. He is clearly believing his own "press" - full of himself and doesn't care who knows it - I hate a lack of humility in entertainers and politicians in particular. Such shabby behavior, he ought to be ashamed of himself.