Michael & Alicia Fassbender ~ A Loving Couple Thread

  1. A happy couple thread for those that love them both.
    Please leave your negativity at the door.

  2. YAY! :love::heart:
  3. It’s so big and empty right now :whistle:
  4. I know, but hopefully not for too long. In the meantime...
    F093D071-A6F6-45CA-AB95-D8C7B1A588CC.jpeg 81295B95-3923-4887-B48F-983B54A0FBAA.jpeg B9C016EC-E335-43D0-A8F5-837461340F6B.jpeg F51476BD-3C3B-48AB-9F33-B284E9E0B1C2.jpeg 25DFA2DA-54CA-4F2A-A7E4-8904F6CDC74E.jpeg
  5. I love his hair in these pictures.
  6. Me too. His :beach: hair. Love it.
  7. Before I go to bed
    65CAD869-4610-414D-8727-DC9649F0809A.jpeg 9AA5E1FF-D2E2-41B8-8DE3-4F5AFBB9288C.jpeg
  8. Hello - here’s my first picture contribution:




  9. C387E873-28D4-46AD-A460-92311DB16A89.gif
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  10. lol, it makes me smile whenever I see it. :heart: JA, you’re supposed to be off to bed.
  11. Gone lol. Night .
  12. Good night! Thanks for the new thread! :heart:
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  13. I don't know who either of these people are but they are cute!
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  14. Good night, JA.
    2106EFA8-ADB0-445B-9822-0387BF2223C7.jpeg 6DE820CF-7383-4DB4-8144-CAE6A7D7570F.jpeg 163DEC1F-6970-4C61-B6C8-AFEF0E8D3CFC.jpeg