Miami Vice

  1. I saw this movie this weekend, only because my boyfriend is a HUGE fan of Michael Mann. I didn't love the movie - thought it was too slow, and that there were some gratuitous love scenes. Plus, I'm think I'm still trying to figure out exactly what was happened.

    Anyone else see it?
  2. No - I really want to see it though!!! Is it not worth it though??
  3. saw it this weekend as well. Yes, there were definitely gratuitous love scenes.

    The movie definitely was a little garbled, but afte at first trying to understand what was happening I went into autopilot and just enjoyed the show and didn't worry about the details. Basically 5-0 had been ratted out and Crocket and Tubbs went deep undercover to find the rat. And stole some dope to get in the peeps they were investigating. After that I got a little lost, but I think the Jorge dude was hot for Isabella and totally sold her out to the boss man in order to get her and punish Crockett for being with her. Hmm...maybe I didn't get it after all!

    Overall, I gave it a B to B-. HOWEVER, I was not expecting great art, so I grade accordingly. I always read reviews before going to the movie and had read a newspaper article where Mann talked about the film. Saying basically he was trying to bring the film into the 90's, so no pastels, and to make it more "serious" so no Elvis, the alligator. They didn't even use the Glenn Frey theme and had a re-make of "In the Air Tonight" for the closing credits. Mann also said in the orginal MV, Tubbs was the hothead and Crocket the level-headed one and they changed this for Jamie Foxx. I found that interesting. I think the best part for me was that Gong Li was in it and had a major role and there was an interracial romance. I know that's becoming more common in advertising and films, but I'm still pleased when I see it.
  4. With that being said, i still don't understand what happend?
  5. Movie Spoiler for the film - MIAMI VICE

    good summary of the movie for those who want to know what happened without going or still don't understand after they went :upsidedown:
  6. I thought that this movie was horrible. The acting, dispite good actors was very bad. There was no chemistry between anyone. There was no character development either. The directing, which was supposed to be great left me not caring much at all. The action scenes was very few and not that great. The movie just dragged on for hours and hours.

    I recommend that you do not go see this movie, do not rent the movie but if you are interested, download the movie but don't bother burning it to a DVD because its not even worth that.
  7. will not go see it.
  8. i wanted to see this movie until i know that collin farrel is in it. and i said to myself, no, thank you.
    i'd prefer don johnson in my heart with that white suit :roflmfao:
  9. really disappointed when i walked out of the theatre :sad:
  10. I just watched Miami Vice this afternoon. I must say- I didn't have a clue what was going on. Also, I couldn't get past Colin Farrell's accent- he kept slipping back into his Irish Brogue it so it spoiled the movie a bit. I eventually just switched the brain off and watched all the action mindlessly.
  11. I saw the movie last Monday and I liked it. I thought it was filled with action and wasn't bad overall.