MIAMI tips - questions - advice!

  1. I'm planning a much needed get away for a few days for DH and I. We are probably going to Miami and I have never been. So what are the good lounges and clubs(not impossible to get into), restaurants, things to do during the day other than shop.
  2. Jillybean and I just went in OCTOBER.
    We stayed at LOEWS.Great place.We shopped at BAL HARBOUR(LOVES IT THERE!!!)......
    the clubs there are SET,The Mansion,and there is one other one I cant remember.
    Jill and I had the BESTEST meal EVER at a cute restaurant on Lincoln ave.Gotta remember the name.They had fire dancers,Live music and Ill never forget the food and drinks(Seriously FANTASTIC meal!)
  3. Was it Touch? Very cool place.

    Depending on what kind of clubs/lounges you like, I wouldn't suggest Mansion. I actually dislike that place very much. Too crowded with wannabes. Definitely don't go out on the weekend as the amateurs are out and fights break out and such. The only place I would go on the weekend is Nikki Beach on Sunday. It's more adult and less 21 year olds running around.
  4. ^YEP!It was TOUCH!I still remember how fantastic the food was!!

    Nikki BEach is best on Sundays,we were told.
  5. Thanks! We are planning to go during Valentines week, since it's slow season for our buis. we will probably stay at JW marriott (we have marriott points) anyone been there? The other big question is what clothes do I take? Dress clothes? Mini dresses or Jeans and nice tops? I don't want to be out of place.
  6. ^The clubs can b dressy........Id pack casual clothes for day and dressier ones for evening
  7. <--- Miami Resident.

    There are A LOT of really good restaurants on Lincoln Road. It's nice to walk around there at night.

    I'm not much of a club person so I can't comment there. But a lot of people love to go up to Broward County, Fort Lauderdale to The Hardrock Seminole Hotel & Casino. They have a huge area with clubs and restaurants. Very nice place.

    A lot of people do dress nice to clubs. Nice top, heels, and nice pants. I would suggest you check the weather before you leave. Miami has had random weather over the last month. It will be raining one day, freezing the next, hot after that, etc. It was cold this weekend and has not been raining for the last 2-3 days.
  8. I love Barton G for a really good and quirky meal
    loews has an amazing martini list and there is a nice bar at the top of The Hotel (wish restuarant) it's on Collins look up and look for the blue spire
  9. Aint there ALLIGATORS in South Miami? Be careful!

    Had an aunt in Miami... haven't seen her since I was nine.
  10. LOL! I don't think you have to worry about the alligators on South Beach. They are in the Everglades and sometimes in the canals (not as common). I think you'll be safe.
  11. Glass at the Forge. Its a celebrity spot, that they go to and noone bothers them. They have dance in one room, rap in the other. You cant wear flip flops and have to dress nice. Guys too, no casual shoes.. or so i have been told, so that is what i have worn the few times i have been there. The Mansion. Then B.E.D. havent been there but have reservations with friends in a few weeks.
  12. I forgot to mention THE DELANO..great bar modern hotel.My avatar pic was taken in their lobby!
  13. Hi girls!! I need your help!!

    At the end of march I will be in Miami for a few days :yahoo: and I would like to make a full immersion shopping, so I ask you to all Miami fashion girls to give me some advices about shops and cool place for happy hour :drinkup:, particulary in Miami beach.
    My priority is to find :search: a tarina tarantino and juicy couture shop, but I would be happy also if you give me other good ideas :idea:

    Thanks a lot!

  14. I hope you enjoy your visit to Miami. There is a JC store in Village of Merrick Park, about 25 min from Miami Beach. You can also find JC in Bal Harbour (Saks, NM)

    While you are in Miami Beach make sure you visit Lincoln Road

    Good luck!
  15. Yes! Bal Harbour is a MUST!!! You have Chloe, Hermes, Prada, NM, you name it.

    And if you can get up to Ft. Lauderdale, go to the Sawgrass Mills outlet. Lots of great bargains to be had.

    Enjoy your trip!!