Miami!!!! Shopping tips.

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  1. Any Miami shopping tips?

    Would like to make some outlet bargains on high-end brands perhaps? :graucho:Perhaps some great vintage stores, a great TJ Maxx... anything!!! :flowers:
  2. If you go on the TJ Maxx website you can find the locations of the runway stores in Miami! TJ Maxx runway is a high end section of a regular TJ Maxx
  3. Thank you :flowers:
  4. If you love outlet shopping, make the trip up to Sawgrass Outlets in Sunrise (Broward County). The TJ Maxx in South Beach is a Runway store as well.
  5. TY!! cant wait!!!!:biggrin::graucho:
  6. I've never been to Miami, but I'm also planning a trip - and everyone tells me to check out Bal Harbour :smile:
  7. Bal Harbour is also great. It's all high end, anchored by Saks and NM with designer boutiques in between. Now is a great time to go as it is sale season.
  8. When I was in the US, I went by Tanger Outlets several places. Google it. One place they had Coach, Michael Kors and I think Fossil outlets.