Miami shoe haul

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  1. I definitely shopped till I dropped. These are my Miami finds: Steven sandals and Guess boots

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  2. And these are the heels that I shopped in :nuts: (Nine West)

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  3. I love Miami!!! LOL! Are your Steven sandals comfy? I have similiar sandals made by Nina but they are very uncomfortable because the sole is so thin. TIA!
  4. They seem comfy, I walked in them at the store and in the hotel room but not outside yet. I have the same sandals by Michael Kors that I've been wearing for about 3 years or so and they are very comfy too despite much higher heel. I think it's just a comfy style :smile: I liked my Kors sandals so much I got these too :nuts:
  5. I really like the Steve Madden ones! Do you know the style name, by any chance?
  6. The blue sandals are beautiful.
  7. Purplekicks, thank you :smile:

    ylime, the sandals are called Belisimo, they also come in black and nude patent. I was bored with black patent and nude didn't look good against my white skin, but the blue ones stood out. oh and also there was a gold pair but not in patent, I think they were leather. I didn't look closely.
  8. love ur nine west heels! were they comfortable to walk around in? does it have a little platform lift in front?
  9. Omg, i am totally in love with those blue sandals. Congrats on your purchases.
  10. I really love the colour on those blue stevens. Congrats on your purchases.