Miami NM Last Call has a ton of Siennas

  1. Jessies, and Paiges.

    Siennas in black, bourbon, creme and raisin. $300 with the sale price.
  2. Sorry to keep asking the same question, but is the black Sienna smooth or pebbled? I think I'm obsessed with the smooth black. It's just such a great bag. Thanks!
  3. I am 90% sure it is the pebbled one. 305 591 1101 if you want to call them:yes:
  4. Cool. Thanks, shewolfy12!

    ETA: I just called. LOL. The woman told me that I'm the fifth person in a row to call them. It is the pebbled. The only smooth one they have is the cream - yellowish white. She said the Bourbon's really nice, though...
  5. Did you see anything else good there other than Kooba? Any Botkier? I've only been there once and was disappointed but may be worth another visit?
  6. I actually bought 2 in bourbon, hope to sell one of them. It is my favorite. The color is beautiful and good for wear and tear.
  7. I just called to buy a Raisin Sienna. They said it would cost $50 to ship. That's crazy. :wtf: I said no thanks.
  8. Whoops. I have a raisin one on hold, maybe I better call back and ask how much for shipping!
  9. Was this the San Ysidro store you went to? Any other good bags besides Koobas?
  10. NO! It was the Miami Florida store! 305 591 1101. They have more.

  11. I just called and bought mine 2 seconds ago and it was only $12.95. Are you out of the country?
  12. Thanks for the tip--I got the Sienna in Bourbon! my first Sienna (and hopefully the last :smile: :nuts:
  13. Come on now posk51! You can't have just one Sienna. It's practically against forum rules. :graucho:
  14. Stop You're killing me! I have noticed most folks have several.....we'll see when it comes how much I absolutely fall in love..I'm sure it will be love at first sight:heart:
  15. I hope you enjoy it! Lots of people really like the bourbon and say that the pebbled leather holds up great. Unfortunately, they're like potato chips. Can't have just one!