Miami Ink

  1. I used the word stoked in my Flavor of Love thread so its time to start a Miami Ink thread:nuts: My favorite one is of course Kat Von D. She is an amazing artist and uniquely beautiful. Chris Garver might have a stalker on his hands if I wasn't married-lol. Darren Brass-another amazing artist I like his tats best. Ami seems calmer this season, Chris Nunez is hot, and Yoji is just plain cool. I've always drawn and sketched and I have 3 tats myself (ankle) and I watch them and wonder why I never went for that myself. I just dont enjoy watching Inked-Miami Ink gives us so much background into the staff and clients. They added 18 more episodes to this season so Kat and Chris will be in Miami a few more months-they work together in LA too.
  2. I watched the marathon last night too! I love this show. My goal in life is to get Kat to do a portrait on my back of my parents. I have this photo of them when they were 19 yrs old. So young and in love, it is an amazing photo. I would love to have it done someday.

    And I would probably stalk Ami, even though he has a bad attitude.
  3. I love Yoji- i loved the episode when they dumped him in just his boxers and made him walk miles back to the shop! rofl! poor guy! he's so cute though... and his baby is ADORABLE!

    I love Kat's work- so beautiful and delicate! Ami's crazy and well, I like that. Can't wait for more episodes!
  4. Ami is a doll. I wonder if he has a short fuse? Chris N. is a sweetie! Kat is also an amazing artist! The show is so addicting!
  5. Ami definitely has shown his short fuse but he seems to have calmed down quite a bit. The show is very addicting!
  6. I LOVE Miami Ink!! I credit the show for finally getting me off my butt and getting a tattoo fixed up that I'd been unhappy with for NINE YEARS! I kept watching the show, at the fabulous work they do and I'd look down at my sad little violin tattoo wishing I lived in Miami so Kat could fix it!! As it worked out though, I went to our local shop and the guy did a very nice job sprucing it up.

    Kat's work is my favorite, hands down, followed by Garver. Ami, Darren and Nunez all have styles that are a bit out there for my tastes. I'd love to have Kat do something, but at this point I don't have a subject in mind. Some day!:yes:
  7. WOW it's good to see that the show is has some fans because I work for Discovery Channel and it's always nice to hear the opinions of the viewer other than the complaints.
  8. I totally agree with you! My BF and I LOVE Miami Ink. We feel they are all true artists. Garver and Kat are amazing. I also don't enjoy watching Inked as much, they seem to be more of just tattooers. Or maybe not, it's kinda hard to tell though thru all the drama, you know I mean.

    Tomorrows episode looks interesting... What's Ami's problem man, he needs to find a way to relieve his stress, he's such a whiney :censor: sometimes.:lol:
  9. The shop is so much smaller than I expected from watching it on the tube.
  10. I love this show! Definitely one of my favorites! I would love to get a tattoo from anyone in this shop they are all amazing artists!
  11. I am wearing my Garver tee shirt today actually. It is khaki green and has one of his snake tattoo designs on it, and it says Miami Ink at the top. I adore this shirt. It's very "me."

    Prada Psycho...I remember the pic you posted of your violin. It is beautiful now! The colors are so crisp and gorgeous.
  12. I Love this show they're such talented individuals. My husband would love to go to Miami Ink and get a tatoo done by Kat Von D. I would love to sit there and watch everyone do there thing live in the flesh that would be sooooo cool. Oh, and Nunez in person WOW!
  13. My husband was down there at the shop recently. He was killing time in Miami while waiting for his truck to be serviced. Anyway...they guard that place with security and pre-screen everyone who walks in the door. They film it to make it look very natural and casual but they have to be careful, otherwise every fame-seeking looney would be in there crowding the place up. Hubby got to stand there and peek through the front window while they were filming. He thinks he might be on the show eventually, as a window-peeper!
  14. :woohoo::rochard::woohoo:

    Miami Ink is back!!!!!!!!!! Did anybody watch last night?

    Okay, Brasshole. :lol: OMG!!! Darren is having a baby!!! He just got divorced. Well, I hope he's very happy now.

    Chris Nunez.......oh my goodness, he was cracking me up with the Aus gal. He loved giving it right back to her.

    Yay, Garver didn't go or stay in NY!

    Lookin forward to the new guy, he's a cutie for sure.

    The new shop manager, loved her! Loved what she said to Ami, they seem like tight friends.

    I love this show, the guys are all great, so fun to watch. The stories are so incredibly touching....I always have a box of tissue nearby when watching(:

    This season looks like it will be fun to watch....... good for them for being a bit more selective this go around bringing new people in. I admit, I got a kick out of the comments. Those guys are good people and as we've seen the bad apples shine eventually.
  15. No Miami Ink fans??