Miami - Bal Harbour

  1. Okay this question has been on my mind all day and I need an answer lol! Are Miami and Bal Harbour very close to each other or quite a distance?
  2. Well Bal Harbor is in Miami florida.
  3. Oh ok! That makes sense lol. Thanks for answering that's been bugging me all day!
  4. Depends where in Miami. Bal Harbor is part of the 'islands' of Miami, north of South beach and Northeast of Downtown Miami.

    Do you have a place in Miami you are from or will be at? It is easy to access from I-95 :yes: (exit at 125th street)
  5. Oh I'm not planning on going down to Miami anytime soon! This is just one of those random questions that pops into your head and you have to find out the answer quick because it is bugging you lol!
  6. No worries!!! They are very close... just really depends where about you are :yes: