Mia Satchel

  1. ahhhh it's gone off the website :cursing:
    ah well, now I'm hoping to find it in outlets...but since it's off the website does anyone have pics of the black signature one or the black leather one?
    Also, does anyone know the measurements on it and the coach.com price? Thanks
  2. Well, I have this in the whiskey leather - so I could get the measurements for you... I'll try to get them later on this afternoon. :smile:

    Oh... I want to say that the price was around $398 or $425 retail, but I will try to dig out the tag too... I can't really remember.
  3. oh god, the mia...this just reminds me how much i miss my black sig mia...and how much i STILL LOVE the magenta mia...
  4. i love the style of this bag, and it seems so practical too, espessially with the outer pockets
  5. i love the mia satchel & i always wanted one in black/gray sig. i just recently bought one,i will try to post pic's soon.

    i love my legacy satchel but the mia satchel straps are more comfy on my shoulder.

    cha cha
  6. the mia is gone?!?!?! its ok im hopefully it will turn up in outlets soon.
  7. Glad to hear you enjoy your Mia, Cha Cha. :roflmfao:

    Here are some pics of the Mia I used to have...
    DSC04521.JPG MiaSatchel1.jpg MiaSatchel3.jpg
  8. Here are some approximate measurements from my Mia:

    13.5 inches long x 7 inches high x 6.25 inches deep
    9 inch drop

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  9. I just got one last week from Coach in Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm so glad I got it when I did because they said it was the last one, and then it was gone from the website a day later. I absolutely love it! Oh and I think it was $378, but I'm not sure because I paid $440 in Canadian funds.

    I'll try to get some pics up.
  10. Here is the pic :love:
  11. thanks everyone this is definatly helping! I really hope it goes to the outlets!