Mia Satchel??

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  1. Do any of you know if there are any mia satchels still floating around the outlets, or are they pretty much gone? I know I can get one on ebay, but I am going to the outlet in carlsbad, ca in 2 weekd and just wondered if they may be there. I am looking for this style, preferably in the magenta, but also the tobacco or maybe even white.. tia!! :tup:

  2. I saw two magenta ones at Round Rock a few weeks ago but they were both pretty scratched up
  3. it took me forever and a day to find my magenta mia. i never could find one at an outlet, so i ended up resorting to ebay.

    btw, the magenta is freaking tdf in person and i would have paid full price, if i needed to. :love:
  4. http://annsfabulousfinds.com/shop/content/view/full/5120

    I'm in no way associated with this site, but they are resellers of authentic, used designer goods. They have thorough reviews of the actual items you purchase and good pictures. I've heard good things about them.
  5. ^for that price, you could just wait until pce and get it. last i heard, there were still some left in jax.
  6. I saw the magenta at the San Marcos outlet in April... and it is sooooooooo gorgeous!!! I have the Mia in black leather and in black/black signature and it's my favorite style bag. Thinking of getting another Mia! :yes:

    Seems like the outlets get them sporadically.
  7. yeah while searching i saw your pics, pushed me over the edge!! :drool:
  8. haha. glad i could help! :graucho: