Mia Maggie :)

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  1. For those of you who have this new style - How are the shoulder straps??? The older Madison Maggie would not stay on my shoulder. I have another tote with skinny straps that does much better and I thought maybe since these were thinner that maybe just maybe it might be better.

    Would love to hear from you that have it...:smile:
  2. I don't own one (yet) but tried them on in store and I think these straps are WAY better tham Madison Maggie. I like the look better, they fit more comfortably on the shoulder, and thet stay put.
  3. I tried on my ocean teal last night (she'll be mine on Friday!!) and I thought the straps were much better.

    I have an "orginial" saffron that I love and won't give up, but the straps do slip. I thought the mia maggie straps were much better.

  4. Angie, PLEASE do a reveal of that bag...I am still thinking about it for PCE. PLEASE! LOL!
  5. The ocean teal one? I will - not sure if I'm picking her up on Fri or Sat, but I will def. do a reveal!

    Getting ready to do one for the large black croc sophia....
  6. Mia Maggie stays on my shoulder....Yay!!!!!
  7. Man! You are in the same predicament as me. I had bought the Madison Maggie and it kept falling off my shoulder. I loved that bag, too…but I saw the new Mia Maggie and really, really like it. I was hesitant to get it as I was worried about the purse straps being so thin and possibly having the same issues. I, too, would love to hear from anyone who has one!
  8. I had the Mias on today and they are very comfortable and they didnt fall off
  9. Yay! That seems to be the general feel of the bag - the straps stay put! I am going to have to go try it on!!! I am probably going to have to wait until Christmas though...Thx ladies!
  10. I just got a Mia Maggie today. The straps are so much nicer on this bag than the Madison Maggie. The leather on this bag is so much softer than the Madison. It stays on your shoulder and is comfortable because the handles are more rounded than the Madison version.

    And the best thing. It smells wonderful.
  11. Thanks for all the input! Sounds like it is a great bag!!!