Mia Maggie vs. Madison Maggie

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  1. I don't know, but the Mia Mags look nicer to me than the Madison Mags. It look like there is more hardware in the straps and they might be not as wide near the top. Can anyone else share their knowledge of the differences and/or your preference?
  2. Someone did a comparison of the two and had side by side pictures of both. I will look for the thread and post it if I find it.
  3. oh wow...thank you lexie!
  4. I like the Mia maggie better (for some reason it feels strange sayin' that like mama Mia then it reminds me of that play) because I've never been a fan of the horse and carriage plus, the straps are connected by chains and not just a metal O, which makes the strap cross better and it just looks better when sitting down imho--
  5. That's what I was thinking. The Madison Mags never did anything for me and I thought maybe I was missing something...and then when I saw the Mia Mags yesterday....now that bag makes sense....I think the chain straps make a lot of difference.
  6. I think it is just a personal choice. I prefer the Madison Maggies...but I never had any problems with the shoulder straps....so I could see how that would be a huge issue for some people. Actually I guess I like the old style of Madison Maggies better....I like the pleat on the front. So I do like that on the Mias better than the last round of Madisons for sure.

    I'm picky I guess. LOL!
  7. I do think some of the Madison Mag colors are much richer...the saffron and ink maggies come to mind.
  8. I have both bags a Madison Maggie in Midnight and a Mia Maggie in Ocean Teal I think that some of hte colors are prettier in the Madison version, but I like how the straps seem to stay up better on my shoulders in the Mia - I also like that it is more like some of the more classic Coach bags, which did not have a lot of self advertisement on the bags - they both are great bags, it just depends on which straps you like and the colors - I also like the fact that the Mia has more pockets in it than the Madison - as far asorganization goes I really like the Maggie bag - I commute daily and it is very convenient to have things that I need in oen of the two outer compartments of the bag and then I don't have tio unzip the main compartment all the time.
  9. I have the Mia Maggie. When I bought her I looked at the Madison as well. The leather on the Mia is softer more buttery to me. The straps are thinner and stay up better. I do like the color choices in the Madison version better but if you like that really soft leather then the Mia version is better.
  10. I myself like the Mia Maggie much better. The leather is so much softer, the straps stay on my shoulders that is why I returned the periwinkle Madison Maggie the straps would not stay on my shoulder. I am hoping Mia Maggie will come out with a nice midnight blue color.
  11. Oh, if it comes out in Midnight I will be all over it! I originally went to Coach to get the Madison Maggie in Midnight but when I looked at it in person compared to the Mia Maggie I decided to get the Mia. She felt so much better and is a tad smaller in my opinion than the Madison.
  12. I saw the Mia Maggie in 'Navy' on their website last week and now it is gone! It looked beautiful. I hope it is coming out soon.
  13. The added chain links on the straps def makes the bag look better. To me the madison maggie was kinda blah.
  14. I had one of the original Maggies with the pleat before they became the Madison Maggies and I was sorry I didn't get more of them, I do like my Mad Mags but now that I'm looking at my Mia Mag, they do look a little plainer, but they are still nice bags.