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  1. Ok, the color is not what I remeber it being in the store. Still pretty, just not my color. Also, the leather is smooth in some places and wrinkly in other places, making the bag look off to me.

    I returned a gunmetal alexandra for stitching problems and I ordered this instead. Now I don't like this and I want to return it for something else. I already feel like the FP store I go to is annoyed with me and the last time I was there one of the SA's was starring at me the whole time.

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  2. I love the idea of that blue, but from what I'm reading, the color is a little off. What I would do if I were you, because you are feeling a little weird exchanging again, is maybe take a look around the store and leave...maybe process what you see and don't pick something out quickly. There have been times in the store when I just decide to give myself a time out and go have lunch or whatever, and within a small timeframe, I am reevaluating what I was considering purchasing, especially at Coach where everything is soooo tempting.
  3. You make a great point. I do the "time out" thing all the time when I'm feeling overwhelmed - just going for a coffee or lunch really helps to get you grounded again and clears the air a little.

    I too saw the teal Maggie and know how your feel, pretty but not OMG pretty and I agree the color is a bit odd/off whatever you want to call it.
  4. no one can make you feel inferior without your consent!

    better to exchange for something you love then to hold on to something that'll only collect dust, imo
  5. I completely agree - if you can't decide then maybe there just isn't something that Coach has at this very moment that you want - could you hold on to it & exchange it a little later after you've found something you love? :love:
  6. I agree if you don't love it don't keep it. I don't feel like you have to justify it to any SA either. It's brand spanking new, wrapped with tags. If they give you an attitude give them one back. I don't see why they would even care if you are getting something different especially. If they stare, stare right back.

  7. Very true! I think I take things to personal sometimes. Maybe she was checking out my gunmetal Zoe and I took it the wrong way.
  8. even if they had a problem I wouldn't worry about it--they technically did not lose out on anything at any time--and you're right, they could have been admiring your bag or she just has no manners, either way, I hope you find something you love!

    any other bags in particular that caught your eyes?
  9. I was loving the versitility of the alexandra but the gunmetal had me scared. I am tempted to get the Large berry. It seems to not have any issues like the gunmetal and is a perfect color for Fall.
  10. ITA w/all the other posters... if you don't love a bag return it... I ordered the Devin sight unseen and didn't care for it... then I had to order the XL Hamptons because they only had the display left at my store... I'm suppose to get it today, and I'm hoping that there will not be any marks or any grains in the leather.. if so then its going back...
  11. Hi lexie09. I have the lg berry Alexandra and absolutely love it. I have had NO issues with it at all. You will love it!!
  12. Lexie, I am the return queen - especially during PCE right before the new floorset - and when you're searching for your perfect bag, its a tough decision when you can't get a good look at EVERYTHING and spend the time you need deciding without having SAs standing with you because they had to pull the bag from the back because the floorset isn't out.

    When I'm not at my usual Coach FPB where they know me well, I get dirty looks all the time, no matter if they have to pull a bag, switch it out because of an imperfection, or do a return. When it starts bugging me, my DH, who works retail always says "it's their job to do this." So just remember that! It's not YOUR job to make their life easier.

    If its really bugging me, I just remember to thank them for all their effort, and if I think I'm being a pain in the ass, I make a joke about it.
  13. My boutique didn't have this last week but I ordered it anyway sight unseen. I just got mine in the mail! I agree with crissy11, the color is pretty, but not what I was expecting it to be. Also, the pleat on mine is off... it looks like there's only one pleat on one of the sides. The leather is wrinklier than I was expecting as well. :/ Oh what to exchange it for...

  14. Mine is very wrinkled in spots then smooth in other spots. I was looking for the WOW factor but it was not there. I am considering the Berry alexandra. Let me know what you decide to exchange your bag for. I need some WOW but in my price range.
  15. Yeah, it was missing the WOW factor for me as well. I do love the color on the berry alexandra. I'm falling for the new madison shoulder bags... but they're a tad outside my price range. haha decisions decisions...