Mia Maggie Help, Please!

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  1. Hello ladies! I was wondering if you could help me decide...I am going to purchase a Mia Maggie purse this weekend and am torn between the black leather and the black op art bag. I know that the leather will most likely hold up longer (and better), but I really do like the op art as well. I can't really say which one I like better, but I do lean more towards the op art bag for style (the leather seems a bit plain to me). Having said that, I am worried about the longevity of the fabric on the op art bag. I plan to use it often, but perhaps not every single day. Does anyone have a Maggie op art bag that can testify to it's durability?

    Decisions, decisions...;)
  2. The black leather is so so very soft. I really really love her
  3. Yes, she is very soft! I also love the hardware on that bag!
  4. I love everything about the bag - just everythng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I would say get the leather you can always dress it up with a nice scarf or fob.
  6. I have Maggie in op art (purple) and leather (midnight and now teal). I love all. I think the Maggie in black leather looks a bit plain too; had one and returned it. If you plan to get another black bag in the future, you could always get a leather one in a different style. I am buying my first black leather bag today, the croc embossed Mia carryall.

    Go try them both on at the store and see how they look in the mirror, that's how I usually decide :smile:

    Oh and my op art bag has held up pretty well, but I am careful with my bags.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. I did like the way the Mia Maggie op art (in black) looked when I tried it on. I liked both, but my practical side says go with the leather. This is my first Coach purse and so I guess that is why I'm so undecided. I have no experience with purses that aren't leather!
  8. I bought the embossed op art black leather one yesterday and love it! You get the best of both worlds....leather and op art! I posted pics in the "Coach PCE and Card Events" forum and the thread is titled "Post your PCE finds here..."

    I tried copying the link but my dh changed the setting on our mouse and it's not working:hrmm:
  9. I just got a Mia Maggie today. It is the dark brown leather with gold hardware. She is soooo soft and smells yummy. I would go with the leather one.

    I also picked up a Mia Carryall while I was at the store. The leather on this bag is also soft like a leather Brooke.