Mia Maggie....Gunmetal or Cranberry?! Ahhhh!

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  1. Have to decide and can't. Thoughts? I could use both equally....
  2. Cranberry, the gunmetal may flake off. Also the cranberry color is tdf.
  3. Cranberry
  4. cranberry, its so pretty
  5. Have you thought about the patent graphite? That's my favorite. I love the dark gray color was a little shine to glam it up. That way you get the easy to care for patent in the silver/gray color. :smile: If not, the cranberry is really pretty too. I'm trying to stay away from metallics because they seem so fragile. :sad:
  6. I love both colors but I'll go with the Cranberry Mia Maggie because Gunmetal whatever from Coach is so prone to flaking :tdown:
  7. I'd go for the cranberry. I think that color is beautiful, and I also had to take back a gunmetal bag because the color was peeling off.
  8. Cranberry, the patent leather is virtually maintenance free too
  9. i vote the cranberry. i think metallics are a waste as they always seem to flake.
  10. I vote cranberry too! I had the gunmetal and it started to flake off the first night I got it and I DIDN'T even use it! Boo to their quality lately! :tdown:
  11. Broken record here..........cranberry, there seem to be too many problems with the metallics.
  12. I say gray patent. LOL!
  13. After major disappointment with the Sophia in crimson, I got the Mia Maggie in cranberry and I am in love. I am a red gal and this is perfect. I also like the Mia Maggie a bit better than the Madison Maggie because of the extra (nickel) hardware on the straps.

    It was a birthday present to myself and I get to snip the tags and take her out on Friday. Get the cranberry and join the club!
  14. Wow. That's totally night and day.

    Cranberry for sure. :biggrin: