Mia Maggie for gf?

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  1. Hi, I need help on picking out a gift. I have been reading some postings and everyone here seems to be very knowledgeable. This is a birthday gift for my girlfriend and wonders what you think about it. I went to Coach dept store and Nordstrom. With their help, I picked out the Mia Maggie in Platinum. I brought it at Nordstrom because they have it in stock. I am looking for something simple, not too big and lightweight. I posted a few pictures of it, let me know should I go return it and get something else or keep it.


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  2. I think it is very sweet of you to:
    1: go to nordstrom's coach department
    2. select a handbag
    3. get opinions from a bunch of purse crazy girls!

    I think this is a super gift! If my husband went through all of this trouble to buy me a bag I would LOVE it! (especially since he already told me he will not be feeding my addiction for this year's birthday)
  3. Can I be your girlfriend???


    That purse is gorgeous! She is very lucky to have such a considerate person in her life!!!
  4. Great gift! The thought behind it is the best part, imo. She'll be very excited to open it :tup:
  5. I think it is a gorgeous bag and is a great gift!!!!
  6. I love the bag! The color is very versatile. Once you give it to your gf, send her to this website to join us crazy Coach lovers :smile:
  7. Wow, you're so sweet! That's a great present. Absolutely beautiful bag. I'm sure she'll love it :smile:
  8. Very pretty bag, I'm sure she'll love it!
  9. Nordstrom is the BEST!!!!
    What a great gift!!! I have seen the Platinum Maggie IRL. She is very pretty!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. very sweet of you!!! i love the maggie shape. great bag. nice color as well
  11. I would like to thank everyone for their feedback. This has been really helpful. This forum and it's members are the best. I hope she will like the bag.
  12. That's a gorgeous bag. I'm sure she will love it.
  13. Gorgeous and super functional!! You did a great job!! :tup: I am sure she will love it.
  14. We all want to be supportive and YEA FOR YOU for being such a great partner!!!

    Now, having said that, she's gonna be so thrilled. A gifted Coach is the best Coach ever. If she doesn't like the shape or the size, don't be mad. She's gonna love the thought. And she might love the bag!! I DO!

    My point is that we are all different. I love metallics. I don't love the Maggie, but I have one and it's really perdy. This bag addiction is severe and specific. If she would rather have the black sophia or the kristin something, don't get mad. She can easily exchange and she's gonna love her gift SOOO much.

    Please report back on how this goes. You totally rock.
  15. I second this!!That is very sweet of you and your girlfriend is a lucky girl:smile: