MIA LeanBean

  1. I have missed LB the last few days, I hope all is well.

    Really odd to not see her name in the shopping forum when I switch on.

    Hope she is on a shopping trip.

  2. Funny, I was thinking the same thing ...
  3. Me too - I pm'd her a few days ago- lets hope she is just on holidays...
  4. Oh yeah!!

    LeanBeanee, where o where are you??
  5. Awww shux! :heart: How sweet to have been missed! :yes:

    I haven't had internet access for almost two weeks!!! DH decided to change internet service providers, and it took two weeks for the new account to be set up! And work has been crazy crazy crazy so I haven't been able to log in from there either - not that I do... often :sneaky:

    But I am back! :yahoo:
  6. :nuts: Welcome back!!!!
  7. Thanks modema! Great to be back! :yes:
  8. Hey girl! Welcome back! I missed seeing that adorable koala in your avatar! :p
  9. Yippee . . . the adorable koala and the too-funny LB are back! :yahoo: I have missed your great comments LB, welcome back! :yes:
  10. Haha! Thanks kmsnyc and macbagger! :nuts:

    Honestly didn't think anyone would notice, except the girls I was in discussions with. I was in the middle of telling chloehb a story, and then I disappear for two weeks. :amuse:

    It feels good to have been missed. I sure missed you all too! Who's got some goss? :popcorn:

    I've been considering changing my avatar! Guess I won't do that for a while...
  11. :wtf: Oh, nooooo!!!! Your avatar is so sweet! Please!!
    Anyway, welcome back LB!! I was wondering too where did you go.
    Honestly... sometimes I have a look while I'm working, too. Sometimes... :angel:
  12. ^ Everyone keeps changing their avatar, so I've been tempted to do it too. But it gets confusing! So don't worry Babi, the koala will stay around for a while yet.

    I used to check at work too. :whistle: But lately I've been working on client site so I can't. It's somewhat a good thing, coz I can actually get some work done. :p
  13. Welcome back LB!!
  14. Thanks SonyaPhi! :flowers:

    This thread did a walkabout! SollyTia, I was thinking you posted in two places.