Mia is not "M-I-A".....a reveal from Paris shopping craze (**w/ 270+ pix)

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  1. Hi dears!!!!

    Anybody missing me?? :P I sure have missed you gals!

    It's been a looooong time since I did a reveal here at the Chanel sub-forum. My last one was my Paris reveal in October 2009 before I moved to my new home.

    Well, I've been pretty caught up with a lot of things at home (of course I had been busy shopping too...LOL!), so haven't got the time to post anything since we moved to our new home. But I'm back again!! :graucho:

    I actually just came back from Paris 2 weeks ago. I went there for a pure 1-week shopping trip with fellow tPFer "Chanelholic", and also met up with "cuteangel777" (Wai) while she was in Europe having her sweet honeymoon. Although Wai only joined us for shopping for 1.5 days, we had a great time hanging out together. (Believe it or not, we were so caught up with shopping that we totally forgot to take any group pictures!!! LOL!!!)

    I really got carried away with shopping in Paris. I went to Paris with 20kg of luggage, but came back with 61.9kg of goodies! LOL! :nuts: I think this will be my last shopping spree for this year........

    Well, I spent more on the other orange dark side than Chanel this time. Why??? Coz Paris Chanel boutiques has imposed a new rule that one passport is only entitled to buy 2 bags and 4 pieces of costume jeweleries in 1 month!!!! Good that shoes and RTW don't have a limit. (Well, I actually kind of support this whole limit thing because there are really so many ruthless resellers out there taking advantage of the low Euro now. ) Of course, I managed to "sneak in" a few more items...hahahahahha...but of course, the managers of the boutiques say that it's only an exceptional case and won't allow me to buy more things.

    To be honest, in terms of Chanel bags, I already have all the colors I want to have in my collection. So, I'm only keen to buy really special bags which I don't have in my collection yet. (And in order to make room for my "H" stuff, I will be revamping my collection once again and let go of those redundant ones..hehe!) Even though there is a limit imposed for Chanel bags, I manage to bring home some really special bags so I'm very happy!!:yahoo:

    So, what did I end up buying making that 61.9kg???:nuts:


    And this:
    (I've done my "H" reveal already here...

    Are you ready for my reveal?:graucho:
  2. I'm here, girlie! Do your thing!
  3. Here! Can't wait!
  4. lets see!!!
  5. The notorious MIA! Woohoo....I am here!
  6. It's already 2am here....so I'll try to talk less and keep posting pix....LOL! Hopefully I can finish this in 2 hours....hehe!

    Let's start with the small boxes, shall we? I'm sure you know what the small boxes are......

    Yes, my favorite costume jeweleries!!!!

    10A Paris-Shanghai "Ultra Knot" Red/Gold CC Dangling earrings with large gold loops

    I really love the carvings on the earrings....it's so special and very detailed!


    You can actually take out the dangling part from the gold loop and change to a smaller loop, or even put a very thin chain and make it a pendant. ;)
  7. already in love! those earrings are gorgy! ooooo i am so excited--afternoon entertainment (alongside soccer :smile:
  8. So far so good Mia... gimme more...LOL
  9. bring it on!
  10. IVe missed you , love the earrings,can"t wait to see everything you found, also any pictures from Paris?
  11. more...more...
    insanely waiting...
  12. And matching the above earrings....

    10A Paris-Shanghai "Ultra Knot" Red/Gold CC Brooch

    This is only available at Ave. Montaigne boutique and the only piece in Paris. The other black/gold color (which is also the only piece), I bought it for my partner-in-crime Miffy27!:graucho:



    The size is a good size. Around 4.5cm x 3.5cm.

    My "Ultra Knot" Family Picture...

  13. I'm sure you have seen this already.....;)

    10A Paris-Shanghai "China Doll" Dangling Earrings



    For those of you who want to buy this pair of earrings, please take note that there are 2 colors. One is this color with matte gold chains/loops, and the other is with red CCs and the chains/loops are shiny gold.

  14. I've been waiting for this reveal :woohoo::woohoo:
  15. OHHH Mama MIa .......I :faint: after seeing so many boxes of Chanels and H
    OH and thank you so very much for taking the time to share all these gorgeous purchases with us :flowers::flowers:
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