Mia Hobo -- opinions?

  1. Hello, I tried to do a search on the Mia bag, I found some info here about the shoulder tote, but nothing really about the hobo. I am wondering if any TPFrs have this bag, what is your opinion about it, and if you have any modeling shots?
    Here is a photo of the bag for reference. Thanks in advance!
    Fendi Mia Hobo.jpg
  2. I've seen this bag in real life and it is STUNNING!! Very classy. The one I saw was black...I have a mini Mia that I adore.:love:
  3. I have the classic zucca print in this bag! Love it:smile:
  4. Well, since there weren't too many responses to my original question, I thought I'd share my review. I decided to go ahead and get this (thank you baglady1 for authenticating!), and it turned out to be a really lovely hobo!

    For me, I could never make the Spy work because of the handle drop. The Mia is a very comfortable shoulder bag, but the shape is bubbly and smooshy and reminds me of the Spy. I love the chain strap and the pleated front with the Fendi logo.

    I had to push the bag a little behind me so that my arm wasn't resting on top of it and sticking out, but I stuff my bags. If it were emptier, it would be more droopy. The bag has a fairly wide base, so although it's a smooshy hobo, my stuff is staying in place.

    The leather is soft, I'll have to see how it wears with time.

    One negative is the interior pockets, or lack thereof. There is only one, rather small, non-zip pocket, large enough for my phone but not much else. I wish this were bigger or there was an additional pocket.

    Here are a few photos from my phone camera at the office, I'll try to take better ones later at home.
    mia.JPG mia1.JPG
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  5. That is really cute!
  6. The leather looks really bubbly and soft!!! Congrats! I am also contemplating a Mia!
  7. great choice.. love it
  8. your bag´s beautiful, really
  9. Eight years later and I'm still lusting after this bag!! How did it hold up?? I hate to buy preloved just because of the search involved but if I must, then the search is on!! Stunning bag!!!!!

  10. Hi there, I sold this one about 5-6 months after I got it. When the bag was full it got heavy (I carry a lot of stuff) and the chain actually hurt my shoulder. Plus the lack of pockets drove me crazy. The leather held up well though.