Mia Help: Which Lurex Maggie would you choose and why?


Oct 6, 2008
So I've been wanting another Signature Lurex bag since I'm in love with my Signature Black Lurex Mia Tote... which do you think looks better tho, the blue lurex Mia Maggie or the Silver Lurex Mia Maggie? I'm having a hard time making up my mind. I love both, and don't know which one would fit better. I am going to wear her couple times a week at least, so either color would work... just which one?



Apr 11, 2010
If you have a black signature tote, why not get the silver one in the Maggie style? That way, you have a variety of colours...if you get the dark blue one, it may feel too similiar to the black one you have.

I am speaking from experience here as I just bought my first non-black purse (which happens to be a plum Madison Maggie) and I love it. It's so nice not to have a black purse - it stands out and people have already taken notice of the colour. I think if you go with the silver one, it will stand out more.

Good luck with your choice!