mia convertible or ali convertible?

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  1. hi there! i'm still in the new to forum phase and new to coach. i visited two outlets over the weekend (each one is about an hour and a half away, in opposite directions!). regretfully, i put back on the shelf a gunmetal mia convertible shoulder bag (#13709)that NOW i love love love. at the time i was in the store i thought it may be too small.

    i'm considering ebaying for it, but i noticed a convertible ali in pewter (#13708) that seems similar to the mia and may be a bit smaller.

    i am here looking for opinions on which would be the better of the two. the mia that i had in my hands seems like just a great everyday go with anything bag for me!

    oh, and i had noticed much discussion here on metallic leather bags having peeling issues. i'm not sure if that is limited to really shiny metallic like in the poppy line, or also in the pewter that i'm considering in the mia/ali.

    thank you all for your knowledge and opinions!
  2. I think all things with metallic color will eventually "fade" and flake. Its the nature of it to do so. I personally stay away from these bags because of it. Too much babying and upkeep. As for the 2 bags i would get the mia. I have never liked the ali.
  3. I have the mia in 2 colors (walnut and eggplant) and I love them! they are great casual bags and I love how they convert to crossbody.
  4. thank you ladies! i only have one crossbody purse at the moment and i am really loving it for shopping/errands to have my hands free :smile: