mia carryall in rose

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  1. has anyone seen this bag IRL?
  2. no not me,why?
  3. wondering if the color is like the breast cancer maggie pink...
  4. I saw the rose carryall at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago. IIRC it was a dusty pink. I haven't seen the BCRF Maggie IRL but from the photos, the Maggie is a "redder" pink.
  5. I saw it last week at a FP Coach store. It was exactly the same color as the Breast Cancer Mia Maggie - a peachy-pink.

    I'm wondering if the one the other poster saw at the Nordstrom Rack was an older carry all - as the coach outlet had a couple bags in last years rose color.
  6. I saw both the Mia and Maggie in the boutique and they didn't look like the same color to me. I really liked the Mia almost better than the Maggie even though the Maggie was very pretty.
  7. Although there is always some color variation from batch to batch, the same exact leather was used to make both of these bags and the color is the same.
  8. You're correct, I was thinking of the older Madison carryall in rose. I didn't read the "Mia" part in the thread title. :blush: Sorry for any confusion!