Mia braided satchel in magenta

  1. Hello All-
    I saw this bag in the store yesterday, but the Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag in Whiskey won. I am still thinking about this one, though. In another thread someone said that the braided handle bags might be leaving stores soon. Is this right? If so, how do I know if I'll be able to find this at an outlet store? Do they ship? Also, how much might it be discounted? Thank you!
  2. If you do find it at an outlet, you have to purchase it there for the discount. If they send it, then they will charge full retail price!!! As soon as you don't see it on the internet, I would start calling the outlets. One of the SAs (sprinkles) said that the Spring floorset would premiere on Dec 26th. So maybe then...??
  3. Thank you! Any SAs have more info on how long this bag will be in stores?
  4. OMG I hope it comes around December 26th- I can get a late birthday gift!!!! (because I'm not making my mom go to the outlet the day after Christmas just to get me a gift for the 29th)