Mia Braided Satchel - Anyone seen it IRL?

  1. Hi ladies, I'm really liking the Mia braided satchel in "magenta," but on my monitor it looks red. Magenta makes me think that it's more pink, has anyone seen it IRL to confirm the color? If it's more red I may give in and order one...

    I REALLY love the tobacco color too, even more than the red, but I have so many brown bags, I do not need another one. But I saw a girl with the braided handle tote in tobacco the other day and I fell in love, that bag is so gorgeous!

    Anyway, if anyone's seen the Mia braided satchel and can cue me in to its color, let me know! TIA :smile:
  2. i've only seen the white one...and it definately looks red on my screen, too.
    but maybe call up a coach store and double check about the color?
  3. Looks red on my screen too. Maybe they just call it that. But maybe you can call and see.
  4. Good advice, ladies, I'll try on Monday if I don't get an answer sooner than that, thanks!
  5. =/ it's not more red. it really is a light red.

    the picture looks a lot darker then it is in real life.

    it's a hard color to describe, easier if you were chinese because we dye our eggs red for new year and that color reminds me of it.
  6. It's a bright pink-red, The website picture doesn't show the color too well. It's is much more pink than red.