Mia Braided Brown Leather Satchel...I'm torn...

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  1. I love this bag.
    And I've only been wearing it for six months.

    However....I have the Mia, my Mom is using one of my older style Coach bags (in brown), and I just purchased the LV Cabas Piano.

    There's really no point in haveing THREE brown bags, right?

    But how do I part with Mia? :crybaby::confused1:
  2. i think they're diverse enough to keep them all- especially the cabas piano. kwim?
  3. You can never have enough brown bags!!! :tup:
  4. Ooohh I am not good to talk to.. I :heart:brown!! :tup:
  5. Heyyyyyyy......you ladies aren't helping.
    Shouldn't you be talking me in to purging?
    Out with the old and fabulous...in with the new and fabulous????
    LMAO!!!!! :nuts:
  6. pfft. if that's what you're looking for, you came to the wrong place!
  7. :yahoo:
    LOL...Very true, very true.
    It's just that I'm not a 'collector', per se, and the thoughts of having so many unused bags in my closet (especially when I have a laundry list of new bags) stresses me out a little.

    Okay, okay....brown is good....

    Have a great weekend to all.
  8. Three brown bags is nothing! they're all different and you'll wear them with different things. Why would you want to get rid of something you love just because it's similar to something else you love? Just because I had two shih tzu puppies doesn't mean i'd get rid of the second one just because it looked too similar to the first one. They're both wonderful and have their own personalities...

    ok so maybe that's not the best anology. How about this one: just because I have two blue dresses doesn't mean i have to get rid of one of them. They are different styles and I'll wear them in different ways. They are both wonderful and if i'll use them both, they why should I part with one.

    Besides, it's not like you have 10 brown bags.
  9. I actually thought that was a good analogy! :nuts:
  10. Don't do it! I have the same bag and I have loved it from the time I first laid eyes on it in February! Soon after, I joined this forum, then I started buying bags online like crazy: Kate Spade Thea, 3 different Rafes, Chloe Paddy, Dior Trotter, Gucci Bouvier, Be & D Stella, Gerard Darel 48 hrs., Chloe Betty, 3 Chloe Ediths, Chloe cosmetic pouch...and I've returned most of these bags but kept my choco paddy, black ks thea, beige dior trotter romantique boston AND this wonderful Mia!!! DO NOT GET RID OF IT... you will regret it and miss her dearly. I know I would. And I just got a red medium paddy today!
  11. Hmmmm...I wish I'd just gotten the med red paddy today.
  12. Can't help you there, I have a brown bag fetish. And anyway, brown comes in many shades. Oh and I don't personally count LV mono as being brown but that might just be me justifying buying another brown bag. Mia is pretty in the brown too. :graucho:
  13. Shamrock - I'm sorry you didn't get in on the AR sale! There will be a next time... don't you worry. Just sign up for the AR newsletter so you'll know when the next sale is. I believe you can also email AR and let them know you're looking for one and they'll try to help you out.

    About the Mia - I took a look at the Cabas Piano and I think you can get a LOT of use out of your Mia when you're just going to the grocery store in sweats or if it's a rainy day. Keep it - it's much more casual and the LV is beautiful but a little more dressy! Variety is the spice of life, hon!

  14. You don't....the mia and cabas are different enough to keep both. And let your mom "keep" the one she has....that way it won't seem like you have 3 brown bags.