Mia Bossi Diaper Bag

  1. Hi I am new here and ALWAYS looking for a cute new bag. Lately I have been searching for a diaper bag that does not look like a diaper bag, I have checked out Gucci's new tote and Burberry's, but saw the Mia Bossi and I am hooked, what do you think? It comes in other colors as well. The website is miabossi.com
    I need some opinions, I really want a high-end bag with lots of pockets to use as a diaper bag, could this be it??

  2. I don't know! Any photos of the interior? Measurements?
  3. It looks very nice.
  4. Yes, it is 11X7X15 and has tons of pockets on the inside. The website has all the info. Do you think it looks cheap? Just wondering, they retail for $330, but I have seen them around the web for $220
  5. I don't think it looks cheap, the pattern isn't my taste really though. . .
    I *think* someone posted a bag by them earlier.
    Have you done a search on here?
  6. On other msgbrds, I know a couple of girls were very happy with their Mia Bossi.

    Hammitt makes a nice diaper bag, but some have mentioned it's on the heavy side w/o anything in it. (Image 1)

    It's not considered "high-end", but I have the StorkSak Gigi. Lots of compartments in that! Plus the compartments/dividers come out so the inside can be wiped down/washed. (Image 2)

    I also ordered the Burberry Portrait tote with the intentions of using it as a diaper bag, but the straps ended up being too short/awkward and didn't stay on my shoulder. (Image 3)
    Hammitt Suzy.jpg Stork_Sak.jpg Burberry.jpg
  7. I am not crazy about the pattern either...too much going on. Alot of good things have been said about stork sak gigi. Also I read somewhere Isabella Fiore makes diaper bags, but I haven't seen any.
  8. Hi TheImportersWife,

    Are any of the other message boards specific for diaper bags or just bags in general? ...would be interested in the former.
    Thanks for your help!