Mi Place Chloe Bays 50% off

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  1. I spoke to Nancy at Mi Place in California and she has several Chloe's on sale, including the Bay Bags, some Thomas Wylde bags and a few others I can't remember :smile:

    I've ordered from them before and they have great CS. The number is:
    949-831-0566 and be sure and ask for Nancy, and she'll do a charge send.

    They're having a sample sale in a few days, so if you call now you'll get first pick on the bags.
  2. Does she carry all authentic handbags? Is there a website? Is this a boutique? Thanks for the tip! (I just haven't heard of this store, I'm not familiar with stores in California)
  3. It's a boutique and they are authorized Chloe dealers.
  4. I just spoke with Nancy and she is at the Laguna Nigel store.:smile:
  5. Oops... I just googled it, that's correct then. :smile:

    JNH14, did you get one?
  6. I did not-I am thinking about it still-it's hard to buy one sight unseen-plus it's $25 for shipping. You weren't wrong-there are two locations one in Newport and the one in Laguna. I lived in that area 11 years ago...but I have no doubts that it's changed a lot! Thanks for the tip!:smile:
  7. Do you happen to know the exact prices for the Bay bags?
  8. Thanks!!! I am going to head down there ASAP!!!
  9. ^^Report back!!
  10. pls report back rolexgirl
  11. i just googled the name of the store and nothing came up!

    do you know what other Chloes they have on sale?
  12. I called the one in Newport Beach and spoke with a salesperson who had no ideas what the styles were. She told me to come down to the store. The # for the newport beach on is (949) 219-9919
  13. When I spoke with Nancy-she only had numbers-not names.:smile: I do know they are this season's bags.
  14. I'll try to go to the Newport Beach store on my lunch hour and report back. I work a block from there. rolexgirl, sounds like you'll give the Laguna Niguel store report. Good thing there are TPF spies everywhere, right? :yes:
  15. pls post pix of your purchases!