mi colleciones

  1. got my first LV for my birthday this year which was JULY 13, and this is what i've gotten since then....






    I've become obbssessed w/ LV its ALL I think about ...
    Also my little kitty girl cant get enough..

    I also have Brand New Cerises Speedy 25, Cerises Wallet and Cerise Rond on the way as well as a fuscia Perfo Plat (Havent arrived from eBay yet).

    :heart: Hope you all LVOE my collection!:heart:
  2. Nice! Congrats!!
  3. Whoa...talk about your 3-month shopping spree!! Great collection!!:tup:
  4. great collection! love the rita!
  5. Nice collections :love:
  6. Awesome collection!! You've really racked up a lot of LVs since your birthday hehe. I LOVE your Dentelle BH it's so gorgeous!!
  7. I never realized its only been 3 months..feels like so much longer... The only thing im missing is some Damier!
  8. You have a beautiful collection. :nuts:

    Love your cat ... too cute!
  9. What a nice collection for just a few months. I'm totally jealous of your panda pochette too! And what a cute kitty!
  10. Love your collection!! Esp. the pastilles keychain, perfo cles, and BH dentelle! And congrats on the new purchases-- I LOVE the cerises speedy 25!!
  11. A++ great choices!!!
  12. hey orchid! they always have new panda pochettes on eBay for a decent price..
  13. wow, good job! You've got a great collection so far, especially considering when you started! the rita is my favorite!
  14. Great collection! It looks like it's growing pretty fast.
  15. Very cool!