Mi Casa es Su Casa and all that but...

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  1. under what circumstances would you lend anything H to someone? have you ever?
    hennaria posted a pic in the action thread modeling his beautiful birkin and someone asked if his relatives ever asked to borrow it. loved his answer:
    "I like to think of my bags as MY bags so swapping etc is not really my favorite thing to do..."

    that sums it up for me. my pieces feel more mine than a lot of other things i own, for some reason. lending them is not an option.
  2. I don't lend them out to anyone, but my sister still takes them anyway. Imagine my surprise when I come home to an empty box.
  3. Not now, not eva, NEVA!!!!!!!!:devil:
  4. maybe my mom. that's it.
  5. LOL! I operate under the assumption that pretty much everyone I know is more careful than I am, plus they're not married to Mr.GGA, who's a bit of a firebug, so my bags and scarves are way safer if I were to leave them with my friends.

    I loan out a house when I'm not there, so bags and scarves are totally no biggie from my perspective.

    Of course, as always, everyone else's mileage ALWAYS varies from mine.
  6. Dear GOD, I get the cold sweats when anyone even TOUCHES my bags.....I'm not sure I'd survive an actual LEND!
  7. Touching, ok. Lending, no way!! No one treats your things like you want them treated.
  8. Uhm, I would (depending on the person, of course) but no one has asked. I guess that makes me pseudo brave because I've never REALLY had to think about it. :p
  9. authenticlux trial by fire. hand it over!*

    *well, someone was going to say it, so i just beat 'em to the punch. but in all honesty, i would never want to borrow anyone's H item either. waaaaaaaay too much pressure, and since i view my own bags as such personal items, i would respect someone else's as such too, so it would be like taking their SO or something... well, not exactly like that (ew!), but you get the idea.
  10. I don't think anyone would even dare to ask to borrow one from me.
  11. Ack! The thought of anyone else carrying my Kelly gives me a stomach ache! My twillies and accessories, yes- but my bag- it would have to be a very DEAR friend or my sister.

    Who am I kidding, I'm not that nice:p
  12. nobody has asked me to borrow one, but that does not surprise me. i would very much hesitate to ask to borrow one from even a good friend, what if i scratched it by accident? eewww.
  13. I would lend a lot of my things, but not my JPG Birkin or my Kelly. I loaned my jeweler/friend/client my 9ct. diamond hoop earrings (which he custom made for me) and my ring with the 5.5ct center stone and 2 canary side diamonds for a photo shoot. However; IF he were to ask for one of my H bags I would have to say "I love ya but NO WAY!!"
  14. I would only ever lend my H to my mother and she'd never ask because she has better bags than me anyway :p
  15. My mom. I'll be happy to share every H with her.