~Mi casa, before and after~

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  1. Anyone who has bought a fixer upper house would agree with me when i say nothing ever goes as planned, and i mean NOTHING!!!

    Since moving in I have wanted to post my before and after pics but ofcourse our home internet was not set up :sos: and im not the best when it comes to tec stuff to copy photos from my camera onto my phone to post :confused1:

    But today was internet day :yahoo: so loading pics to photobucket i went :broom:
  2. can't wait!!! i'm here, i'm here!
  3. :popcorn:
  4. I wanna seeeee!
  5. :woohoo: I'm here Em, bring on the pics! :nuts:
  6. can't wait im here!!
  7. first up....

  8. before

  9. after

  10. omg, already much better!
  11. More! More! I love before and after pictures!
  12. Nice improvement.
  13. Awesome!!! PLEASE post more, so excited to see your house!
  14. i have checked back here a couple of times...the blinds are nice. is there more?
  15. Can't wait to see more! I know how hard you've been working!