mGH or G12 Club

  1. lol i am not a fan of silver giant , i personally prefer warm tones of rose gold and it probably works better on my colour palette :p , i think it is more versatile and subtle chic compared to gsh .. then on dark night or dark colours in general it is so special IMO!!

    BLACK AND DARK NIGHT rggh are my favourite combo ..for everything :lol:

    ps dark night is a pure dark blue , doesn't have any purple undertones ,don't worry for that looks almost black indoors !
    rose gold tends to brings up GREEN undertones on anthracite and greys in general ..just my 2 cents :p
  2. Thanks love this is so helpful! as I posted in my other thread I am also contemplating antha rggh .. i just love the RG and never have I owned it in bal!!
  3. I'm excited to join the club! I bought my 1st Balenciaga ever, a city in black with mRGH, on Saturday and am in LOVE. I can't stop staring at it. In the light of day it shines! When I was at Barneys they had the original GRGH and I tried both of them on and in my opinion, the mRGH gives the perfect amount of oomph without taking away from the original shape of the bag. Here are some pics!:




  4. love the leather on your black city!!:nuts: congrats
  5. SUPERBE!!! Absolutely fantastic leather .. and just love how it looks with the mRGGH!!! Congrats!
  6. Hi ladies,

    I have not been buying any Bals recently (due to a lay off, but now I am back to work) and I am looking to make a new purchase, and am totally excited to come back and find the Giant hardware is smaller now!

    I am looking to purchase a Anthracite City in the G12 RGH, but I was wondering about the leather. After seeing CeeJay's bag in the Hamilton, I think this leather is gorgeous! Will I be able to find the Hamilton leather in the City G12 RGH? Do I need to specify that this is the leather I want? Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  7. CeeJay the leather on this bag is TDF! Gorgeous!
  8. Hi, I just got the Anthracite City in the G12 RGH from Neiman Marcus and I gotta say that the leather is so soft. The color is amazing as well. Just a quick reply if you're still on the fence about it :smile: I plan to post pics soon!
  9. Thanks for the reply. Did you get it in the Hamilton leather?!
  10. Nope, I don't think the Hamilton comes in Anthracite and rose gold hardware - At least based on what I'm seeing in the Balenciaga website. However, I did see and Hamilton Giant City in Bordeaux and gold hardware and it was STUNNING! I think Hamilton is part of the S12 holiday collection so the colors aren't too varied.
  11. Yep you are right, No Anthra and Black in the Hamilton. I just found out this morning. How unfortunate bc I love the Hamiton leather.

    Yes I have seen the Bordeaux, it's gorgeous!
  12. Does this bag come with G12 RGH as well? Thanks
  13. I joined the club!

    Dark Night Giant 12 (mini) RGH Part time.

    Love the leather and color!

  14. Its beautiful! Do you have any modeling pictures of it? Would love to see them
  15. 2012 Gris Poivre mRGGH Velo: