MG family portrait

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  1. Hi ladies, couldn't find a family portrait thread on here so thought I'd start one! Let's see your beautiful MG FAMILIES!

    Here's mine:
    Large tote brandy/avion
    Regular bucket black/ballerina
    Mini lady black/marina
    Mini crossbody cammello/beige


    Just got mini lady and mini cammello from the most recent restock last week. I've already moved my essentials into the mini crossbody - it is SO cute and fits everything I need as a busy mom with small children plus I don't have to worry about it getting stained or scratched bc I know it will happen!
  2. very nice collection!
  3. Each bag is gorgeous! Love the collection!
  4. thank you ladies! :hugs:i was hoping there would be more action in this thread lol. let's see your collections!! i can't be the only one with more than one MG!!!
  5. Finally got a chance to get all mine out. This is my collection so far after selling and returning some, this is what I've ended up with:


  6. wow, beautiful collection jaime!!! :loveeyes:
  7. Thanks, I need to update the picture already :blush:

    Due to an unbelievably good price I re-added a tote to the collection. I'd returned it because of the price but then was able to get it for alot less.
    Will do another pic some time.
  8. My contribution!

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  9. Here's my little family, 1 lady bag, 2
    mini buckets and 1 mini mini Bucket.
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