MFF Zoe vs. Boutique Zoe; and Ebay vs. Outlet

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  1. Oh what a dilemma.

    I am watching a Parchment/Gold Zoe on ebay but I just found out the outlets have a similar one, and it's cheaper. All things being equal, I do like the ebay one better because it is a boutique bag, and I like the color better. The one at the outlets is white and camel.

    I don't know what the difference is between a boutique Zoe and a MFF Zoe and I'm worried that I may always feel that a MFF Zoe is "less than" her boutique counterpart.

    The other thing I have to factor in is the drive. It is 8 hours there and back, the ebay option seems so much easier. Once I factor in gas and time, the ebay one may be cheaper in the long run anyway.

    Now chances are that I would buy other things besides the Zoe since I only get to an outlet once or twice a year, so that is also a factor.

    Would appreciate your opinions. Is it worth the drive for an MFF bag?

    Thanks Coachies!!
  2. I mean, MFF or not, it's really which bag you like the best. But 8 hours there and back? Ugh, I'd just buy the one off of eBay! I really don't go for the MFF bags, but that's just personal preference. Buuuuut, if you really want to go to the outlet to look around, then maybe make a trip of it?
  3. No. I'm only saying that because of the distance you would have to drive. If you were much closer then it would definitely be worth it. I would go with the parchment zoe. I have some boutique delete zoes and one MFF and there is no difference, to me, in the quality of the leather.
  4. Yeah, and I have to work Sunday morning too, and I can't get out of it - I tried. It really does not seem worth it, a lot of hassle. I think I'll stick to the one on ebay. There is another one there I was thinking of - an op art Hailey in raspberry - but if they are in the outlets now, I'm sure they'll be on ebay soon too.

    It really sucks that I'm so far from an outlet. Waaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I felt there was a difference in the quality of the leather Zoes. I bought:

    FP Large Leather Zoe black/brass
    MFF Large Leather Zoe black/silver

    And the leather did feel thinner on the MFF. It was still a nice bag (better than most leather bags out there), but I made my mom & sister feel the difference & they said the same thing. That being said, my sister bought the MFF chocolate Zoe, and I didn't feel a difference... but I didn't have the FP version in front of me at the time.

    I would vote for the parchment - it is such a beautiful bag! I would have bought it for myself if I didn't fear light-colored bags! The camel is more "everyday" than parchment, but that means it's a little more "blah," you know?

    Just my $.02
  6. Just to clarify the color - the boutique Zoe was parchment leather with a gold leather trim handle. The MFF Zoe now in the outlets is white leather with a tan leather handle. So quite similar in color. But I do like the parchment/gold better than than the white/tan - it just has a more special look to it.
  7. I'd say go with the ebay version... BUT I would definitely clarify with the seller that there are no marks at all on the white leather (since sometimes it can catch color transfer rather easily). I usually feel more comfortable ordering a bag from ebay if it's durable leather that doesn't stain easily... but with something white I would want serious reassurances that it's in perfect condition before I pay. KWIM? Just my opinion. :yes:
  8. Definetely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already asked her to send me extra pics - which she did, but I asked for a few more. AFTER I asked if there were any marks on the bag, she disclosed that there was a small black dot, and she did send me a picture of it, AND she put that picture on her ebay listing, so I honestly don't think she had noticed it before. It's TINY.
  9. In that case, I would say go for the parchment! It's pretty with the gold trim, and an eight hour drive just seems awfully far if it's something you can get on ebay for a reasonable price (and in a version you'd prefer). Good luck! :tup:
  10. Ebay will definitely much more worth than driving 8 hr, even when it is more expensive on ebay. My husband always say, think about how much you are paid per hour for work, that is how much you will have to spend on the driving, on top of the gasoline!
  11. I prefer boutique bags, esp. when the MFFs are "knockoffs" of the original. I love the boutique parchment/gold...I think it's absolutely luscious. And there were not many of those at the outlets. I say buy on the bay if it's from a reputable seller vs. an 8 hr drive for that bag.
  12. My vote is for ebay. It is easier and you don't want to drive to the outlet and be disappointed.
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