MFF turnlock bag with Legacy Stripe lining!

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  1. Remember that coveted MFF turnlock bag with the Legacy Stripe lining that johnniegirlatl got during one of her several 20% off hauls?!! :graucho: Well my outlet called me b/c they got one in!! I was so excited I could hardly stand it!! They put it on hold for me & I went tonight to go get it, along with the other items I had on hold, and I was sooooooooo sad!!! :crybaby:It didn't look (or feel) as scrumptious as johnniegirlatl's AND it was $458 (+/-)ish!! No percentage off for that baby!! :crybaby:I had to sadly pass her up but couldn't stop thinking about how cute she is and how awesome it would have been to score her during the 20% off sale(s)!!!
  2. I really hope they decrease in price. Unfortunately the price Johnnie scored was a total fluke. Was the leather not nice?
  3. Bummer to hear..... Johnnies pics were divine..
  4. ^^Me too! Surpringly, it wasn't soft, which I was sad about. And with that price, I just couldn't do it. Johnnie was super lucky!!

    lmartinmix1 - I know, I was bummed!! That's why I immediately called my outlet to see if they had any!! Guess it just wasn't meant to be for me.
  5. i'm weeping with you!!! :cry: i'm so sorry it didn't turn out well for you!! i'm really perplexed at why they don't all feel the same :confused1:
  6. Which bag was it?
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Thanks!
  9. She's so pretty, but $458 for outlet price, seems like a rip off (to me anyway) when Coach had previously been offering 50% plus 20% off.
  10. What!? That is ridiculous! Wasn't $458 the price on the tag? Even when new MFF bags come out, if you look at the price on the tag, it is always higher then the price they put out on a little sign for the bags. Like the new MFF gallery totes, the sign says $199 but the tag says a different price. I can't believe its $458, no discounts. Maybe when they start coming in large amounts they will put out a better factory price? I really wanted this bag but now I'm not so sure!
  11. $ high, dont be bummed, i think these bags will eventually be released in greater numbers and at way better prices, you will get your baby then thats all. plus hopefully a nice softee too
  12. I'm with all you guys...I can't believe the price! Especially for MFF! I mean its a beauty..or at least the one Johnnie scored was a beauty! I'm so sorry that when you got there it wasn't what you expected. I have a REAL hard time paying more than $200 for a bag...regardless of how SUPER it is.
  13. Yikes. That is high. I wont pay that amt either. Probably the most i would go is about 200.00. Maybe it wont happen at that price