MFF Tartan!!!

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  1. I was talking at the outlet tonight with my fav. SA and she told me the next outlet floorset will have MFF tartan in the black/red in the Lynn, and it will have black patent trim. She showed me the wallet that will match and the material looks exactly like last years poppy tartan in black/red with the outlined c's!!!
    The tartan Lynn may be the first MFF back I've bought in years!!:nuts:
    Sorry I don't have any spy pics, may be someone else will?!?!?!?
  2. I also saw the MFF camera/universal case in brown/gold ocelot, a sparkly fabric just like the silver/gray ocelot.
  3. Oh wow...I would love to see that Uni!
  4. oooohhh sounds cool. i love the ocelot prints for accessories. id like to see the bag pics.
  5. When is the next outlet floorset scheduled?
  6. Seems like Coach has all kinds of extra materials laying around! Haha works for me! Which bag is the Lynn? Like what style? I'm totally drawing a blank on what it looks like.
  7. I think the MFF Lynn is a little Maggie looking with more rounded corners at the base and a little strap/buckle across the openings.
  8. That black & red is my fav tartan....I missed out before...hope to get some accessories this time!
  9. When I was at the outlet last week, I was looking for something fun, specifically Poppy, but didn't really love any of the bags that were available. So, a SA showed me the Tartan Plaid Lynn Soho Hobo. However, she told me that they won't be available for purchase until the next floor set which comes out around October 20th. I absolutely love this bag for Fall and Winter and told her I'd be back to purchase it when it hits the sales floor.
  10. Yay! I'm super excited! I can't wait to see this!

  11. ah ok thanks! I knew it sounded familiar...can't wait to see it!
  12. ooooo... can't wait to see!!
  13. Oh wow. I totally missed out on the black/red tartan the first time and have always wanted something in that print! I'm excited to see the new set!
  14. OMG, can't wait to see it! LOVE tartan!!! Wish they made it in the pink too... I missed the FP...