MFF pleated large gallery book tote


Feb 9, 2009
The End of the Oregon Trail
I went to my outlet today and they had nothing in FP deletes.
I never buy MFF bags, but the large leather Gallery tote caught my eye. I bought a white with gray trim and it is very nice.

One of the managers said that they will be having a new floor set soon and they will be getting more colors. Does anyone know what leather colors are coming out? I always liked the red small Gallery tote, but it was too small for me. If they come out with a large red in leather, I will want to buy that one. Doe anyone have any inside information?


"The Bag Whisperer!"
Dec 18, 2009
The gallery totes have caught my eye, too - but I haven't gotten one yet. When I was at the outlet last week they had some of the teal patent gallery totes in clearance. The SA told me that they will be getting some new colors in them, she mentioned cream and red.