MFF Peytons

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  1. I've done a search for this topic, but can't find anything. What's going on with the MFF Peytons? I just checked ebay and bonanzle, and saw black patent peyton, grey patent peyton, and pink leather with F creeds.

    What colors did they make for factory? How many did they make? And, did all the outlets get them?

    I hope someone here has the scoop on this.
  2. There is a black one on ebay that has nothing on the opposie side of the hangtag, in other words the hantag just have Coach on the front and no Limited Edition on the other side.
  3. ^^ I didn't look at the hangtags. So, they are different too.
  4. Some has nothing on the opposite side.
    I am confused.
    They look the same as FP Peyton.
  5. I thought I read in a thread that they were available in white (maybe patent?) and the hot pink (raspberry? I don't know what they're calling the color).
  6. Yes the hangtags are different on MFF peytons. I had this confirmed when I did a charge hold on mine and a relative confirmed for me as well. It just says Coach on it it. No horse and carriage logo on it. Not all outlets got them. Mine didn't. I had a relative pick up one for me to ship it. I was told they came in white, black patent, gray patent, and fushia peytons at the outlet. Others have also said that some outlets had a mix of MFF and delete FP ones. Looks like Jax may have held some back if FP ones were showing up too.
  7. I figure it out, the hangtag are different and thats the only thing thats different.
    The FP Peyton has the horse and carriage and has Limited Edition on the opposite side and the Outlet Peyton has Coach on the hangtag with nothing on the opposite side.
  8. We posted at the same time:biggrin:
  9. Is that the only thing thats different between the two?

  10. It sure looks like it. In both bags same legacy lining.
  11. Obviously, Coach still had some in the warehouse. And, since Peyton was so popular, they also made some for factory. The creed of the factory ones will have an F in front of the number. I called a few outlets, and it appears, right now, that only the Flagship stores got them. Before it's all over, these Peytons could end up in all the outlets.

    I, personally, think this stinks. I hate it when Coach takes great FP bags and then makes them identical for factory.
  12. The colors of MFF were Fuschia Leather, Black Patent Leather, Grey Patent Leather & White Patent Leather. Only the Flagship or higher volume outlets received the Peytons.

    However, they received some quantities of the leftover Boutique Peytons in all of the above colors as well as the MFF Peytons. The Boutique Peytons have a creed that reads as: M0869-13051 (for the Patent Leather colors). The hangtag is the Boutique tag that has the Horse & Carriage logo on the front, and the back reads BLEECKER STREET LIMITED EDITION or COACH ARCHIVE LIMITED EDITION. There were some of each type of these hangtags.

    But the MFF creeds have the 'F' at the start of the style number, as:
    K0969-F12791 (for the Leather version). The hangtag for the MFF Peyton only has COACH on the front and the back is plain.

    So other than the 'F' in front of the style number on the creed and the different hangtag (which is removable!) the Boutique & MFF Peytons are identical, including the Legacy Stripe lining. I remind you that the hangtag is removable because you would want to verify if your creed has the 'F', even if the hangtag is the Horse & Carriage front. Anyone could have switched the hangtags, even in error.

    As far as how many were made? You are too funny! Who knows!?!
  13. Only time will tell!!!
  14. BTW, the MFF Peytons don't come with a dustbag, but the Boutique deletes do, atleast at my Outlet!
  15. I don't get it.
    Why would Coach do that?