MFF Hadley Large Duffle--how slouchy?

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  1. Has anyone seen one of them in person, or even purchased one? I really like the look of the large, but I wonder how slouchy it is. I sold Rory because I found her too slouchy, but I also didn't like the handles. I like the handles of the Hadley duffle, but I like a little structure to a large bag. I have no outlet near me and I don't want to buy another bag online only to return it! Thanks in advance!

  2. They are a brand new style, literally just came out for the first time on today's FOS. I was in a physical outlet today and they're not even out on the floor yet, so I'm not sure anyone can answer your question.

    Weird thing about these is they look to me like a tote, not a duffle. Strange that they call them a duffle.
  3. I saw that it said brand new, not in stores. I just never know how much those statements are reality, lol.