MFF Carly 24cm?

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  1. Does anyone know if they are making a MFF Carly? I saw one on ebay I will post the link if I can find it...NOT my auction. It got me to thinking maybe this is one that is just for outlets???


    Is that what this is? Again these pics are borrowed from someone's auction and it is only for reference NOT to advertise.
  2. I think the new floorset had new Carlys

  3. So fp?
  4. I saw this bag this weekend at the outlet in Niagara..
  5. The new outlet floorset is mainly focused around the MFF Carly! Some of the colours are just absolutely gorgeous
  6. I saw the new Carly's today and they are all gorgeous. They were $179.

  7. they are MFF Carlys. the floorset that came out Wednesday at the outlets was full of them in various sizes and colors. They are made to look very similar to the old FP Carlys but there are a few differences. They are only at the outlets.
  8. So much lighter then the earlier ones..
  9. Um. Do they have crossbody straps?

  10. i saw 'em at wrentham.

    wayyy smaller than my old carly.
  11. They are small...I picked up the butterfly one. It's a good size for me, but I like small bags.
    Here is a pic of it...and to my knowledge, just one strap. (I haven't pulled her stuffing out yet).
  12. UGH!!! What is WITH them just doing the original 'medium' sized Carly? HELLO Coach do some research and just TRY and find a LARGE Carly in decent condition for less then $200!!! I still want to replace my very FIRST Coach which was a lg. khaki Carly with black leather trim!! I loved that it could be carried with black and brown. Not many bags can be carried with both!!!
  13. The new mff Carly styles are great! They made them lightweight, lots of great colors, improved shoulder straps and fabric is more durable. I highly recommend them.
  14. I saw the Carly and I was disappointed in the strap. I love the thickness of my reg. carly strap compared to the new flimsy one...
    Also, I like the bigger C's like the older ones compared to the slightly smaller C's on the new ones... But over all a great price.