MFAH - TX Wildlife Special Edition

  1. Hi all! Since it's Thanksgiving today I was giving some thought to which scarf to wear. Hands down, TX Wildlife wins!

    My question is that I thought a few years back that I saw this special edition, from the Kermit Oliver exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, in black at the Madison boutique (it was a trade). Does anyone recall if it was issued in black?? :confused1:

    Thanks very much!! :flowers:
  2. Noooo, couldn't bear to wear the turkey while I was eating it LOL!

    However, I could see wearing an Indian themed scarf to honor the Indians and the Pilgrims at the First Thanksgiving. I know the Kachinas is a stretch, but it is the best I can do:flowers: If that doesn't work, the only other would be L'Art Indiens des Plaines:idea:
  3. The MFAH scarves didnt have a black CW but there are two black Texas CWs that i know of. One has black background/red border. The other is black background and silver border, altho some would technucally say that that one has a very dark gunmetal grey background that looks black

  4. Thanks Seton! I have the black/gunmetal gray's gorgeous. :p

    I just remembered an MFAH that was black with lots of color, but I am probably was so long ago.
  5. LOL! I didn't actually wear my TX Wildlife either! :roflmfao:
  6. How about the other colors issued for the MFAH? How many CWS total?
    Gosh I'd love to have one of those! But judging from eBay prices so would everyone else! LOL

    Texas & Houston roots run very deep in our family!
  7. I have heard pink, mint green, and yellow w/a black border.
  8. Thanks! - Okay: Now I see this info from too:

    Texas Wildlife, Kermit Oliver, 2005 special issue for the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston in 3 colors: mint, hot pink and yellow
  9. ^^^ The ribbon at the bottom of the design also says "Museum of Fine Arts Houston, 2005"

    I could really go for that green one!!
  10. I wore the Linere-game birds-Thanksgiving is the last day of hunting season here. I'm beginning to think I'll never attain that dratted Texas scarf.
  11. I like the hot pink one! :love: Thanks for sharing the pics AbbytheBT!
  12. Linares is perfect for the season! There's a TX Wildlife on eBay now...but it's up there in price. Over $700, I believe. It hasn't sold yet...I think it's been listed about 3 times so far.

    Patience is key...they do come around every so often on eBay! ;)

    I'd love the original issue that came in browns/rusts....just stunning!! :love: